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The EYES on Your Internet Availability!

20-20 Networks the Availability Monitoring and Notification Specialists

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20-20 Networks provides availability monitoring and security services for your Internet website, Internet circuits, and exposed servers. Monitoring and Security Notification Alerts are available by email, pager or text message to suit your requirements. Phone notifications are available for an additional fee.

Your Customers, existing and new have a multitude of competitive choices in making decisions on who they give their business to in the Information Age. They make their decisions on the available information! Does your site respond 7x24? Is it really available 7x24? Can you afford to miss opportunities in today's competitive world?

Whether your web site or servers are maintained internally, collocated, or contracted, 100% up time over any extended time period of time is virtually impossible even for the best of the best. Depending on your business requirements you will expect the maximum up time availability,  even at 99.9% you will have 525 minutes or approximately 8.75 hours of downtime a year. Numerous providers meet or exceed their commitments and provide excellent service availability, does your site have the availability you require?

Our business and goal is to provide you with an unbiased set of Eyes Monitoring your Internet Web sites, circuits, and servers! We want your existing Customers and new visitors to reach you, giving you the opportunity to win their business and build long term relationships. 

 Our specialty is Website Monitoring, Circuit Monitoring, Server Monitoring, Security Scans, and Website SQA; there are no software download requirements, no required advertising links, and no required referral links; just a small fee for our service.

This page was last updated on July 12, 2009